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The ICC - International Certificate of Competence is the boat licence required by a UK Citizen or Residents to operate a recreational vessel in overseas waters. The ICC cannot be issued to anyone under the age of 16.  Evidence of residency is required for non-nationals this is usually a photocopy of a driving licence, utility bill, Council Tax bill, bank statement or similar.

How to obtain the ICC

  • Taking a test of your ability and theoretical knowledge here at the Sea Master RYA training center.
  • Passing an RYA Training Course: Day Skipper Practical, Power Boat Level 2 or Motor Cruising Helmsman's Course.
  • Taking a course that provides training and finishes off with the assessment.

On successful completion of your assessment you then apply to the RYA to issue the ICC Licence.

The assessment or training can either be done on your own boat or on a school boat.

Please have a look and click in the options we are offering below and find the different preparation courses that apply to different sizes and types of boats.

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